'I remembered Machiavelli, whose rule of Method, rarely stated but always practised, was that one must think in extremes, which means within a position from which one states borderline theses, or, to make the thought possible, one occupies the place of the impossible'

Louis Althusser

(Is it Simple to be a Marxist in Philosophy? 1975)


Extreme Anthropology Research Network is an international and interdisciplinary network of researchers from across social sciences and humanities studying extreme subjects and practices and critically exploring the notion of the 'extreme' within contemporary cultural, political and economic environments. From extreme inequality, crime, risk-taking, terrorism to extreme luxury, we ask what constitutes the 'extreme' in what we increasingly think of as extreme times, when consensus on what is moral and immoral, good and evil, and right and wrong appears to have eroded? Can thinking through extreme cases help us understand, challenge and stimulate social change?


On this website, you will find our portraits, interviews, projects, news and latest events organized by the members of the network.

The network is also behind the new open-access peer-reviewed Journal of Extreme Anthropology.