Punishment, Neoliberalism, and the Welfare State


Victor Lund Shammas


This project is an ongoing, ten-year-long investigation into the relationships between social democracy, neoliberalism, and punishment. What is the role of the welfare state in shaping incarceration? What sorts of questions does a close engagement with social theory lead us to ask about the prison system? How does neoliberalism transform the ways in which we punish convicted offenders? From California to Scandinavia, this project combines archival studies, ethnographic fieldwork, interviews, document analysis, and critical theorizing to assess the points of convergence between political economy and punishment, drawing on thinkers like Bourdieu, Hegel, Foucault, and Deleuze, alongside the ideas of Sweden and Norway’s interwar social democrats and the postwar neoliberal economists and philosophers of the Mont Pèlerin Society.


Dr. Victor L. Shammas is a Researcher at the Work Research Institute (AFI), Oslo Metropolitan University and a Visiting Researcher in the Department of Criminology and Sociology of Law (IKRS), University of Oslo, Norway. He is a recent co-recipient of a Peder Sather Grant from the Peder Sather Center for Advanced Study, University of California, Berkeley. His work has appeared in journals such as the British Journal of Criminology, Constellations, Punishment & Society, Law & Critique, Capital & Class, Continental Thought & Theory, and Criminology & Criminal Justice and can be found on his personal website: www.victorshammas.com.

Selected publications


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